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Over the last 6 years, Innate Power Technologies has established itself as the leading home electrical specialist in India with a vast portfolio comprising of Power back up solutions such as Inverter Batteries and Flat Plate Batteries Applications as well as Electrical offerings such as Fans, Wires & Switches.

This has paved the way for Innate power’ success across global markets as well. The organization has shown exponential growth over the last 5 years and made its presence felt in 40 countries through a strong and wide distribution network, allowing us to showcase new and innovative product lines in various international events such as Middle East Electricity (Dubai), Inter Solar (Germany), Inter Solar (Middle East), Canton Fair (China) and more.


InnatePower Global Presence.png


Within a span of few years, it has grown by leaps and bounds, with its operations in over 28+ countries and 45+ business partners for its product category across the globe. Our business volume has grown 6 times since inception in 2016 to $9 million..

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